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What's SSL Certificate?
SSL provides a secure connection, letting you transmit private data online. Websites secured with SSL show a padlock in the browsers URL and perhaps a green address bar if procured by means of an EV SSL certification.

The SSL protocol is utilized by millions of eBusiness suppliers to secure their customers remain private. A web server needs using an SSL security to make use of the SSL protocol.

All web browsers possess the capacity to socialize with SSL websites that are bonded so long as the websites SSL is from a recognized Certificate Authority, for example Comodo.

Does my site need an SSL Certificate?

In case your website does e commerce of any sort, then an emphatic 'YES'. But any site that collects any advice from their visitors should have an SSL security. This consists of login info, email, etc. It tells visitors to your web site that any activities they take in your site are fully safe.
Remember that should you just use Paypal for online payments, clients are taken to Paypal's site, where it's it is own SSL encryption.


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